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     YouGotRated is a groundbreaking revolutionary ratings webpage that changes the way we do business.  No longer are the customers and businesses damaged by false claims or poor service.  YouGotRated allows people to make a rating (they must give their contact information) and if the rating is bad then the company has an opportunity to do mediation to improve that rating so that they may continue doing business.  It better informs future purchasers of what they can expect.  You can trust businesses that use YouGotRated because they will be pressured to correct any mistakes that may be made.  This is why Uber drivers are considered so polite, because they are subjected to a legitimate evaluation by consumers.  YouGotRated helps bridge the communication between consumer and business and helps the business adapt to their consumer's needs.  In addition, with YouGotRated, everyones ratings count and are valued.  At Yelp, your opions are only published if you are a frequent user of Yelp services. Businesses have a unique opportunity to start YouGotRated for free now for the next couple months, and then they will make monthly payments to maintain their account.  YouGotRated provides SEO services, mediation, increases business credibility and provides other areas of support for businesses that subscribe.  

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