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SB Vending Machines


Imagine a vending machine that provides excitement to your clientele, increases exposure and branding, and generates profits.


Many customers enjoy smoking while drinking.  Ehookahs allow your customers to enjoy this experience without the smell, ashes, fire hazard and liabilities associated with conventional cigarettes, cigars, and hookahs.

Current partners and associates

Grab your club essentials today!

Supreme Bliss, LLC, Club Life Essentials Vending Machines provide a one-stop shop for the most sought after party essentials.  Our vending machines not only provide customers access to Ehookahs and flavored oils, but also the ability to customize their own party experience.  To that end, we offer sunglasses, eye drops, deoderant sticks, chapstick, energy shots, T-shirts, hats, glow sticks and much much more!  

  • A share of profits

  • Customized vending machines;

  • Machine is 4.5 ft. tall, 3 ft. wide and only 1 ft. deep.

  • Products that fit the branding of your company.  This can include customized Electronic hookas featuring the venue’s own brand

  • We stock, deliver, install, and maintain the vending machines that light up in the dark;

  • 24/7 customer support;

  • Each machine is cashless and equipped with fully automated and integrated POS credit card systems, which ensure that customers will not bother the venue or staff for anything like requesting change for their cash;  

  • Option for Electronic hookahs with and without nicotine;

  • Opportunity to display promo video that will play in the machine’s touch screen when not in use; and

  • Free promotion of your venue in the web site.


  • Products that will excite consumers, and increase sales and the overall appeal of your venue;

  • Fully automated machines with user friendly software;   

  • Decreased fire hazard and liabilities associated with conventional hookah, cigarette, and cigars;

  • Ehookas with flavors that are popular with both men and women;

  • Increase sales by providing smoking customers with a safe and satisfying alternative that will ensure that they will not leave the establishment to go smoke and ultimately end up wondering off and spending their money somewhere else.

  • The cost for each machine is $3,000 up front in addition to the costs of all of the items sold in the machine. 

  • We require wall space to install the vending machine in a high traffic area that is both visible and accessible to customers and has access to wireless internet and an electric outlet to power the machine.  

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