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For the price of a coffee ($5),  you can get in shape and look great doing our group exercise classes at Alice Wainwright Park at 2845 Brickell Avenue, Miami, FL 33129, near the entrance of the Rickenbacker Causeway.  Classes start at 6 AM on Tuesday and Thursday and 7AM on Saturday.  Classes focus on calorie burning and toning of the legs, butt, thighs, stomach and arms.  The class can be individualized for people working toward specific outcomes.  For example, a gentleman wanting to grow their arms may bring dungbell or barbell and the trainer will give them exercises to do that will help them accomplish their goal.  Don't forget to bring a yogamat, towel, headphones, and water.  

Additional classes are available in the Brickell Roads area at 9:15 AM but these classes are $15 each and last for an hour. Personal Training is $65 an hour and our trainers are willing to visit your home if you are near Brickell Miami, Florida.  Contact us today to inquire about these services or setting up group classes at a different time. 

  • Expected Exercises

    • Good Mornings

    • Squats

    • Leg Raises

    • Jogging

    • Sprints

    • Shuffling

    • Back pedal

    • Jumps

    • Lunges

    • Step ups

    • Push ups

    • Rows

    • Planks

    • Sit up

    • Leg Lifts

    • Bicycle abs

    • Stretching

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