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Cryogenic Freezing

Cryongenic Freezing is a process that metals or other raw materials can go through which will extend the life of the material or the product.  One could compare this process to the contemporary green light bulbs which cost a little more, but use less energy and last for a much longer period.  In the same way, a metal that is cryogenically frozen will cost a little bit more, but will last much longer, will be safer, more secure, stronger, and better for the environment, Not all metals perform better when going through the freezing process, but many do.  It is worth checking if your industry can use an infusion of technology and forward-thinking. In addition, we offer a line of brake rotors that last over double the time period of a standard rotor and improved gun performance. Call to inquire about the cost and whether the metals you use can be improved.  Typically, costs will be calculated according to shipping and weight of the metals. 



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